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Maintenance & Support

Popular Maintenance & Support features to consider

IT Service Mangement

Identify and document application incident, problem or change management process

Adaptive Maitenance

Adapt application to changing conditions - infrastructure changes, OS upgrades, patches, etc.

Corrective Maintenance

Reduce system outages by correcting known defects, bugs or issues

Perfective Maintenance

Deliver continious value to customers with new features, enhancements or improvements

Preventive maintenance

Extend the life of your app through minor patches and upgrades

Root cause analysis

Identify and fix root cause of the problem, so the problem doesnt happen again

IT support request

Perform adaptive, corrective, perfective or preventive maintenance activities

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  • Create work items, manage files and track work progress all in single dashboard
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  • Make payments for global teams in 130+ countries
  • Get work done from anywhere using automated workflows and collabration tools

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