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QA & Testing

Popular QA & Testing features to consider

Test Strategy

Identify and document the test strategy - objectives, scope, test approach and test deliverables

Test Plan

Identify and document the test execution plan - resource requirements, test schedule, estimations, mandatory deliverables

Defect Management Plan

Identify and document defect management process - defect identification, priortization, resolution, verification and reporting

Test Documentation

Identify and document test artifacts - test cases, test scenarios, test scripts and test data

Manual Testing

Execute test scripts manually. Identify and record defects

Automated Testing

Design, develop, execute and identify defects using test automation tools

Performance Testing

Design,develop, execute and collect performance metrics using performance testing tools

Cross-browser Testing

Ensure the software application works on supported browsers

Unit Testing

Validate developed software components or units are working as expected

Integration Testing

Ensure the software components are integrated appropriately and working as expected

System Testing

Ensure the application conforms to functional and system quality requirements

Regression Testing

Ensure the core application features works as expected (after a new release)

Code Review

Verify developed code conforms to the quality standards and best practices

Architecture Review

Verify the technical architecture meets the quality requirements

Test Infrastructure

Setup test infrastructure that can support various levels and types of testing required

Defect Report

Publish daily, weekly or monthly defect report

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