Cloud computing services


Popular Cloud features to consider

Cloud Governance

Establish policies, procedures and best practices managing cloud resources

Scoping & Planing

Scope, plan, execute and monitor cloud projects

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Document necessary cloud resources (compute, storage, security, network) required to support a cloud environment

Infrastructure Setup

Setup, install and configure cloud workload

Cloud connectivity

Establish inbound and outbound access to cloud

Cloud hosting

Deploy and manage applications in cloud

Cloud backup

Safeguard applications and data using cloud backup

Cloud monitoring & analytics

Monitor infrastructure and application performance in different regions

Cloud Migration (On-prem to cloud)

Migrate on-prem workloads (applications, websites or databases) to cloud

Cloud Migration (cloud to cloud)

Migrate workloads (applications, websites, or databases) from one cloud service provider to another

Cloud security

Secure cloud infrastructure from security threats and vulnerabilities


Keep cloud resources updated with latest patches and upgrades

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