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Dev Ops

Popular Dev Ops features to consider

Agile DevOps

Deliver continious value to customer by releasing software updates in a regular intervals

Agile Development

Design, develop, test and release application incrementally and iteratively

Version Control

Setup, manage and track code changes


Automate build, test and deployment

Infrastructure as Code

Ensure consistent infrastructure across different environments

Containers & Orchestrations

Package once and deploy applications anywhere, anytime

Logging and Monitoring

Ensure the DevOps processes are running smoothly from start to finish

Defect Management

Setup and configure defect management tool

Regression Testing

Ensure the core application features works as expected (after a new release)

Code Review

Verify developed code conforms to the quality standards and best practices

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Plan, organize, hire and complete projects in an agile way!

  • Create work items, manage files and track work progress all in single dashboard
  • Collect and compare estimates using built-in RFP process
  • Hire your project team in just a few clicks
  • Make payments for global teams in 130+ countries
  • Get work done from anywhere using automated workflows and collabration tools

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